Packet structure for the iNET-X protocol


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In recent years there has been a shift from proprietary and closed solutions for Flight Test Instrumentation (FTI) networks towards more open standards-based systems using Ethernet technology. The trend towards Ethernet is further driven by the CTEIP Integrated Network Enhanced Telemetry (iNET) initiative that is pushing the adoption of Ethernet technology for the future of FTI.

iNET-X is the complete framework for iNET test articles that has been developed around the core recommendations and technologies outlined in the iNET standard ensuring interoperability for instrumentation networks. iNET-X extends the iNET standard ensuring high performance, network coherency, ease of setup, and management.

iNET-X is a phased integration of networking technologies providing a low-risk, low-cost migration path for airborne systems leading towards a complete solution today. iNET-X ensures high performance and network coherency, provides simplified setup and management, is designed to be future proof and integrates standardized networking technologies without compromising the ruggedization or reliability of the hardware.

To find out more, download in depth details about the iNET-X packet and payload structures or contact us.

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