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Enhanced Software Configurable Air Data Unit


All aircraft systems need the same key air data parameters such as altitude, airspeed, height deviation and temperature to ensure safe and accurate flight detail, on both rotary and fixed wing aircraft. The Curtiss-Wright Controls Avionics & Electronics (CWC - AE) ESCADU is a highly configurable, highly reliable Air Data Unit.

The Enhanced Software Configurable Air Data Unit (ESCADU) is intended to be the primary supply of air data parameters to the aircraft systems. The ESCADU calculates the air data parameters from information received from the integrated pitot and static pressure sensors and an outside air temperature probe. This computed information is supplied to other aircraft systems via an ARINC 429, analog DC or discrete signals. Traditional rotary installations have required mechanical dampening in order to remove the effects of rotor-wash from the display screens. The ESCADU is able to counter this by using electronic filtering to negate this effect, reducing cost of ownership by reducing weight and removing maintenance issues for the operators.

The ESCADU is a microprocessor controlled system that computes the following aircraft functions: Altitude parameters • Airspeed parameters • Height deviation • Mach number • Air temperature parameters • Maximum allowable • Signal validities airspeed


  • Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM) capability
  • Encoding altimeter, (Gilham) to ARINC 575-3
  • ETI information available via ARINC 429 bus
  • Instantaneous vertical speed indication (IVSI)
  • Configuration data file loaded by ARINC 429
  • Weighs less than 1.3kg (2.9lb)


  • Air data computing


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