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Ice Protection Controller


The Ice Protection Controller (IPC) is the main controller for a self- contained primary rotor ice protection system (RIPS). The controller accepts inputs from ice detectors, outside air temperature sensors and other aircraft interfaces and provides control and monitoring of the main and tail rotor ice protection heaters. The controller is designed for a dual controller system (active- standby configuration) but is capable of operation in a ‘stand-alone’, single controller application.

The IPC handles automatic control of main and tail rotor deicing functions when the flight crew selects the automatic mode. If theautomatic mode is de-selected, the controller reverts to an advisory system with the flight crew monitoring the ice conditions and manually controlling the ice protection level of the system. The controller monitors the ice protection system for proper operation during both manual and automatic operating modes.

The controller features built-in test functions for the complete rotor ice protection system and is able to alter or shutdown the deice power sequence in the event of a system failure, while providing system status information to the aircraft using ARINC 429 data buses and discrete signals.


  • Rugged – Designed for helicopter applic ations
  • Controls the electrical power to the main and tail rotors based on liquid water content and outside air temperature
  • Communicates with Aircraft Systems
  • Control inputs – digital data bus or discrete control signals


  • Ice protection


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